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The conference is hosted by Telecom ParisTech. The address is: "46 rue barrault, 75013, Paris", in the 13th district of Paris, but it is also near the 14th district. The nearest Metro line is the "6" and the nearest station on that line is "Corvisart".

The metro line 6 passes through main Paris venues:
- Eiffel Tour on "Beir Hakeim" station.
- Trocadero on "Trocadero" station (Best place to have a panoramic view for the Eiffel Tour. It is better to go to this station, have a great view for the Eiffel Tour and then have a 5 min walk to reach the Eiffel Tour).
- Champs Elysée on "Etoile-Charles de Gaulle" station.
- Montparnasse Tour on "Montparnasse" station.

Telecom ParisTech is only 10min far from "Place d’Italie" which is the central square of the 13th district and where you can find a shopping centre and restaurants. Telecom ParisTech is also 5 min near from the "Butte aux Cailles" street where you can find lots of pubs.

Please find below websites that will make easier the stay in Paris.

RATP Website:
French website: à Provides the metro/bus lines to take in order to reach any destination.
English website:
Metro and bus maps:
Metro/Bus tickets and fares:
For 1 day Tickets:


Other Websites:



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